The Rusted Bucket Band Live EP

by The Rusted Bucket Band

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released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


The Rusted Bucket Band Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Is What It Is
For how long I stay is unclear
Maybe an hour, a day, or a year
Perhaps I'll stick around a whole lifetime, my Dear
Ah, hell, for now, I'll remain here

As they say, It Is What It Is
It'll be what it will
As for me, I wanna know my will, understand the drill and stop f*cking around for stupid cheap thrills
As you know, thoughts and words can indeed kill; besides, who the hell are they anyway?

Sometimes we try, we don't know why
We feel, need, beg, borrow, and we steal
We hope, cope, and reconcile
Shed a little bit of denile
Movin' and groovin' in efforts to be improvin'

As you stride on by
Movin' on to something upon high
Know what you love
And be aware of what to shove
Feel that ground beneath and behind ya
Remember it's ok today, but if not
Tomorrow's comin' anyway
Track Name: Sleepless Song
Gimme 150 in the morning
Another 900 at night
Mellow out my moods
Dissipate my fright

Let me sleep tonight, baby
Let me rest my weary bones
Let me sleep tonight, sweet Lord
Laying here, all alone
Let me sleep, 'til the mornin' light

Little cup o' joe
All those liver and kidney blows
What's my reality to be
Turn down the lights, baby, you'll see
Slip 'em off
Let me in
Let me in

Let's not sleep tonight, baby
Let's roll around, let's get high
Let's not sleep tonight, baby
Sticky hot, intwined tonight
Let's not sleep, baby, 'til morning light

So, you can keep your 150 in the mornin'
You can take your 900 at night, and you can shove it
Her mellow mood has got me
And I'm gonna let
I'm gonna let
I'm gonna let, her music rock me tonight

Let's not sleep tonight, baby
Let's roll around and f*ck all night
Let's not sleep tonight, baby
Don't you know your love it cures my fright
Let's not sleep, baby, 'til mornin' light
Track Name: Back of My Apartment
In the back of my apartment, there's a hole inside the wall
I know, I put it there, still I stare, hoping for someone else to fault
When the hammer comes down
Guess I'm gonna skip outta town

There's a million other reasons that I could give to you
About who was there, what I did, and what I forgot to do
But it don't matter much, Darlin', I'm trying to say I'm sorry, Babe
Come on home, I love you

Sometimes I went out pickin', sometimes I did some drinkin'
Sometimes I had a hard time gettin' home 'cause I got to thinkin'
I should go get that stuff, that dirty stuff
Why am I in Oakland?

So three years ago, to this very day
I lost that little love of mine, ya know she moved away
She moved all the way across the country
From Sausalito, California to New York City, that broke my heart

Morning log cabin meetings, searching for answers and honesty
And struggling so hard for some sobriety
Red eyes on a whim across the country
Pushing the limit of acceptability

Just a typical situation, really, of me being mad at me
And her sick and tired of my insanity
But the truth is, we were both just sad about the way life can be
Horns take me home
Track Name: Rusty Wings
I've been wishin' you might fix my condition
Been broke down, strung out on indecision
And shattered memories tend to blur my vision
Gotta push on through and break down the partition

So much life has given
Love, hope, a bit of understanding
Off that edge of light, there's no soft landing
Gotta stand solid, or learn to fly (teach me to fly)

And I know, I know, no matter which way I go
I will never be alone, but I feel so lonely
So I, I ask this of you
Won't you come walk with me
Through all these sweet dreams of comfort and memory
And delusions in reality

Time, oxygen, mixed with enough water
Iron rusts right through, it's eaten up just like fodder
And you can bronze the son, my life, Robbie Robertson's guitar, but it's all patina to me and I find it distressing
There's no hidin' from the confessing we gotta do to that copper moon (big old pretty smilin' moon)

And I know, I know, no matter which way you go now
You will never be alone
Sometimes you're just on your own again
And so I, I offer it up to you
Well, come on! Ride with me
Through all these sweet dreams of comfort and memory and our hopes on this reality

Cause I know, no matter which way we go
Well, I'll still feel lonely

And I know, well, I know, no matter which way we go
We will never be alone
I already told ya, honey, sometimes you're just on your own again
And so I, I offer it up to you
Well, come on! Let's fly...
Over all that sweet dream, comfort and memory
And we'll create our own reality